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Avoid Boston Carpet Cleaning Scams

Most carpet cleaners are honest, trustworthy individuals working for reputable companies. But beware of so called discount carpet cleaners and avoid bait and swith tricks & carpet cleaning scams.



To schedule a carpet cleaning, with The Cleaning Network, a professional company with upfront pricing, call now 781-286-8600












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"The Cleaning Network did a very good job, came promptly and were very attentive. The technicians seemed interested in my problem (dog stain) and they were knowledgeable, helpful and responsive. I would certainly use your company again and recommend them to others. "

Michael G. West
Boston, MA 02115

"You know most of the world is carpeted, and someday we will do the cleaning."

Sunshine Carpet Cleaning

Warning! Beware of so called discount carpet cleaning companies.Avoid flood restoration scams. Avoid carpet cleaning scams.

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